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About Globis Vidya

Globis Vidya was founded in 2015, with an aim of providing quality Education to students with financially viable options.
All our lives we dream of studying abroad, and then when the time comes we get carried away. Our study abroad consultancy provides a place to allow people to explore the opportunity of studying abroad and find a school and program that matches their lifestyle.

With 10000+ students placed in various universities across the globe, Globis Vidya stands as the best choice for students wanting to study abroad.

The process of studying abroad can be overwhelming. Between researching schools and programs, filling out applications, and preparing for interviews, it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why Globis Vidya provides a one-stop solution for people looking to explore the opportunity of studying abroad. We can help you find the right school and program, give you tips on how to prepare for the application process, and offer advice on what to expect during your time abroad.
Globis Vidya specializes in providing tailored support to students from all backgrounds. Whether you’re a first-generation student or you’re looking to study a foreign language, we can help you find the perfect program.
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Why Study Abroad?

There are many reasons why people choose to study abroad. Some students study abroad to learn a new language, while others do it to gain international experience. Some people also choose to study abroad to get a more diverse education, and others do it to meet new people and make friends from all over the world. Additionally, studying abroad can help students develop new skills, such as critical thinking and problem-solving skills. And finally, studying abroad can also be a great opportunity to travel and see new places.

Our Key Features

  1. Affordable Study Abroad Plan
  2. Free Counselling Sessions
  3. Proper Guidance about the selection of Country and University.
  4. Application Processing without any hassle to students.
  5. Pre Departure assistance about studies and University/College info.
  6. Departure Assistance with Visa related work and others.
  7. Post Departure Assistance with our associates.
  8. In University assistance to students with our associates in the University.
  9. Job and PR Assistance after course completion.
  10. Post education assistance in the home country in licensing etc. like FMGE exam.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

Why Globis Vidya

Globis Vidya is about engaging with young professionals for their international studies in various Top Universities in Europe, USA, Australia, Canada, Asian Nations, etc. Study abroad consultation is a specialization of Globis Vidya. Every single year, we work with about 2500+ students for their education outside Indian boundaries so that they can enhance their quality and their expertise. We have a strong international team of associates who help students with their study abroad from the beginning of their college until they successfully achieve their goals. We are always prepared to help students and solve a variety of problems that they might run into with their education abroad. We are present in many prestigious institutes in Europe, USA, Australia, Canada, Asian Nations, etc., and help our students to get quality education there. We have brought many students to west countries and helped them with the procedure and methodologies involved to Study there.

Universities We Offer

Top Global Universities

We place students in Top Universities Globally with our tie-ups and expertise in this industry

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