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MBBS in china

Studying medicine is one of the best and most assured options in today’s world nonetheless China. Many countries recognize this field as a noble one and provide top-notch facilities to give wings to the hopes in the eyes of the aspirants. China is always a top priority for the medical aspirants who want to study abroad as its Universities hold international recognition and provide top-grade medical education to deserving students. Every year mostly students from India flock to study in notable Universities in China. MBBS in China is always a popular education destination for students all across the world. 

China has the Top medical colleges in the world that offer the best English medium medical programs in the world and has some of the world’s finest medical universities that offer MBBS courses at a low price as the Chinese government has issued heavy finance or budget on the research and educational field. As almost all the universities in China are owned by the government, so they have a high-quality infrastructure as well as a holistic educational system to shape the students both internally and externally. 

About China:

MBBS In China

China has a great diversity in Geography.  Tibet is the most elevated spot in China has winter most of the time in a year. It has the most elevated point on the planet: Mount Everest – 8848m (29,029ft.)and 3rd least Misery on the planet: Turpan Depression- 154m (-505ft.).

Climate –The weather in China is a mixture of continental monsoon climate, cold winters,  and hot summers in general. As China has diverse landforms,  so, it has different temperatures at different places. The tropical zone region cannot experience many cold days and the rainy season as strong as temperate regions. 

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Why study MBBS in China?

  • China is the most popular place for pursuing MBBS studies if we look around the globe 
  • Many new techniques are developing in China which advance both practice and research in the medical field.
  • There are 45 NMC affiliated colleges.  
  • Everyday cost, as well as the university fees, is quite affordable and low as compared to any other country which caught the attention of the medical aspirants.
  • China is a protected country to live in which has an advanced level of security. 
  • It provides scholarships and different facilities both for education as well as research purposes. 
  • As it is a neighboring country so, a good traveling association is well established and created. 
  • It gives many opportunities to students and also gives global exposure which is highly needed for the career. 
  • The curriculum syllabus designed by Chinese Universities is fully based on the all-round development of a student. 
  • Have highly professional Medical staff with modern amenities. 
  • The theoretical teaching is complemented by value-based studies, practical field workshops, case-based learnings, and guided research works.
  • Students studying here develop a high level of medical skills with regard to research techniques and Methodology. 
  • Moreover, they gain the ability to apply their knowledge in appropriate way when it comes to medical practices.

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Prerequisite to study MBBS in China

Some major highlights are:-

  • The students seeking to apply should be 17 years of age or above by 31st July and less than 25 years old. 
  • Students should have cleared 10th and 12th securing marks more than 60% or 7 GPA. 
  • Qualifying NEET exam is an essential criterion for admission. 
  • Applicants have to go under gross medical examination as students having physical, mental, and refractory disorders can’t be admitted.

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Quick information table

Intake for MBBS Course


Eligibility Criteria

50% in PCB for General Category
40% in PCB for Reserved Category

NEET Entrance Test

Yes, it is compulsory


Not required

Minimum Course Fee

$ 3,000 USD/Year

Maximum Course Fee

$ 5,000 USD/Year

Cost of Living in China

$ 150 USD/Month

Course Duration

5+1 Year Internship

Medium of Education

English Language

Universities Recognition

NMC & WHO accredited

Top Medical University

Dalian Medical University

MBBS in China for Indian students

MBBS In China

As we know that getting admission in Indian medical colleges are quite hard. Many aspirants don’t get a chance to get admitted to medical colleges even if they have tried a lot.  In India, there is more number of aspirants than actual seats to allot. Many private colleges ask for ransom fees which are not possible for middle-class people. Keeping in mind these all problems,  Medical College abroad act as a lifesaver. Especially in China, It provides an extensive educational platform for Medical students who want to study abroad. The courses are based on holistic education which not only unleashes the talents on the curricular ground but also on the co-curricular ground. Chinese Universities, like Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Fudan University, and Zhejiang University are among the most prestigious universities in the World. 

More than 10,000 students all across the world come to China to study Medicine.  Foreign students are also given scholarship facilities to relieve their fees and cost load.

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Cost of study for MBBS in China

MBBS In China
  • In the Medical College of China,  Chinese cuisine which is a mixture of local as well as cultural food is provided for international students.
  • They provide a low-cost meal which costs around 4 to 8 USD in the college and university campus itself.
  • The living expenditure of foreign students is quite affordable and low as compared to the other countries.
  • Lifestyle in China is quite good in regard to getting adopted quickly


Estimated Monthly Cost (USD)


$70 ~ $200


$100 ~ $150


$30 ~ $50


$50 ~ $100


$380 ~ $1,000

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Advantage of MBBS from China

  • Minimal package- Though it has top-class Colleges but it still don’t ask for ransom fees. It fit in the pocket of the middle and lower class. 
  • Quality education- Provide holistic education to students helping them excel in every sphere. Besides, the highly qualified professors guide them to learn every aspect of their degree and career in both theoretical and practical ways. It gives extra foreign exposure to planning up an international medical career.
  • Colleges are equipped with the advanced technology with top-notch facilities like exemplary laboratories, spacious classrooms, departmental museums, libraries, reading rooms, research rooms, cafeterias, sports complexes, etc.
  • It encourages teamwork culture, medical research, and guides through different scores like extensive lectures, group projects,  practical field workshops, eminent alumni meets, etc. 
  •  In addition to this, they provide practical knowledge and guidance from an early stage. So, the experience earned from these practices proves to be helpful for the future in advancing the career.
  • It provides different types of education in medicine and helps in the specialization as well as research work. 
  • Excellent spacious campus, chances to join different clubs, cultural activities, sports, and extracurricular activities. 
  • Maintains good decorum and order with regard to hostels and sanitation facilities. (Separate are available for boys and girls)
  • Overall, the universities offer medical education, medical research, and health care facilities. It offers a four and half years course of MBBS study degree with a year of internship after graduation.
  • The medium of education is English so, it becomes quite easier for students to adapt and grasp studies efficiently. 

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Fees structure of universities in China

RankInstitutionTuition Fee/Year in INRHostel Fee/Year in INR
1.Peking Union Medical CollegeUpdate SoonUpdate Soon
2.Capital Medical UniversityRs. 5.50 LakhsRs.1.21 Lakhs
3.Nanjing Medical UniversityRs. 3.74 LakhsRs. 66,000
4.Southern Medical UniversityRs. 4.40 LakhsRs. 66,000
5.Tianjin Medical UniversityRs. 5.28 LakhsRs. 1.26 Lakhs
6.China Medical UniversityRs.4.40 LakhsSingle – Rs.1.21 Lakhs

Double – Rs. 88,000
7.Harbin Medical UniversityRs.3.30 LakhsRs.59,400
8.Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese MedicineUpdate SoonUpdate Soon
9.Chongqing Medical UniversityRs. 2.31 LakhsRs. 66,000
10.Dalian Medical UniversityRs. 4.62 LakhsSINGLE – Rs.1.21 Lakhs

DOUBLE – Rs.88,000
11.Beijing University of Chinese MedicineUpdate SoonUpdate Soon
12.Hebei Medical UniversityRs. 3.96 LakhsRs.55,000
13.Wenzhou Medical UniversityRs. 3.30 LakhsRs.44,000
14.Guangzhou Medical UniversityRs. 3.30 LakhsRs. 66,000
15.Anhui Medical UniversityRs. 3.52 LakhsRs. 44,000
16.Nanjing University of Chinese MedicineUpdate SoonUpdate Soon
17.Fujian Medical UniversityRs. 3.85 LakhsRs. 44,000
18.Guangxi Medical UniversityRs. 3.85 lakhsRs. 66,000
19.Guangzhou University of Chinese MedicineRs. 2.20 LakhsRs. 44,000
20.Zhejiang Chinese Medical UniversityRs.2.75 LakhsRs. 71,500
21.Xuzhou Medical CollegeRs. 3.63 LakhsRs. 50,600
22.Shanxi Medical UniversityRs.1.65 LakhsRs. 35,200
23.Ningxia Medical UniversityRs. 3.74 LakhsRs. 55,000
24.Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese MedicineRs. 2.75 LakhsRs. 55,000
25.Inner Mongolia Medical UniversityRs. 2.20 lakhsRs. 55,000
26.Xinxiang Medical UniversityRs. 1.98 LakhsRs. 33,000
27.Kunming Medical UniversityRs. 3.85 LakhsRs 46,200 – Non Air Conditioner

Rs.55,000 Air Conditioner
28.Luzhou Medical CollegeUpdate SoonUpdate Soon
29.Heilongjiang University of Chinese MedicineUpdate SoonUpdate Soon
30.Hunan University of Chinese MedicineRs. 1.65 lakhsRs. 44,000
31.Liaoning Medical UniversityRs. 3.85 LakhsTriple Room – Rs.60,500

DOUBLE – Rs. 71,500
32.Hubei University of Chinese MedicineRs. 1.65 LakhsRs. 55,000
33.Changchun University of Chinese MedicineUpdate SoonUpdate Soon
34.Guangdong Medical CollegeRs. 2.42 LakhsRs. 55,000
35.Shenyang Medical CollegeRs. 2.75 LakhsRs. 27,500
36.Guangdong Pharmaceutical UniversityRs. 2.42 LakhsRs. 55,000
37.Xinjiang Medical UniversityRs. 3.96 LakhsRs. 49,500
38.Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese MedicineUpdate SoonUpdate Soon
39.Chengdu University of TCMUpdate SoonUpdate Soon
40.Fujian University of Traditional Chinese MedicineRs. 3.85 LakhsRs, 44,000
41.Hubei University of MedicineRs. 1.65 LakhsRs. 55,000
42.Henan University of Traditional Chinese MedicineUpdate SoonUpdate Soon
43.Weifang Medical UniversityRs. 2.42 LakhsRs.50,600
44.Binzhou Medical UniversityRs. 1.98 LakhsRs. 55,000
45.Xi’an Medical UniversityUpdate SoonUpdate Soon
46.Guangxi University of Chinese MedicineRs. 1.54 LakhsRs. 66,000
47.Anhui University of Chinese MedicineUpdate SoonUpdate Soon
48.Guilin Medical UniversityRs. 2.20 LakhsRs. 3.85 Lakhs
49.Hebei University of Chinese MedicineUpdate SoonUpdate Soon
50.Shaanxi University of Chinese MedicineUpdate SoonUpdate Soon
51.Shandong University of Traditional Chinese MedicineRs. 4.95 LakhsRs. 99,000
52.Qiqihar Medical UniversityRs. 1.76 LakhsRs 33,000
53.Taishan Medical UniversityRs. 2.20 LakhsRs. 35,200
54.Guiyang Medical UniversityRs. 1.76 LakhsRs. 33,000
55.North Sichuan Medical CollegeRs. 3.41 LakhsRs. 66,000
56.Chengde Medical CollegeUpdate SoonUpdate Soon
57.Youjiang Medical University for NationalitesUpdate SoonUpdate Soon
58.Chengdu Medical CollegeRs. 1.76 LakhsRs. 44,000
59.Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese MedicineRs. 2.53 Lakhsrs. 45,100
60.Mudanjiang Medical UniversityUpdate SoonUpdate Soon
61.Bengbu Medical CollegeRs. 2.20 LakhsRs. 26,400
62.Changzhi Medical CollegeUpdate SoonUpdate Soon
63.Yunnan University of Traditional Chinese MedicineUpdate SoonUpdate Soon
64.Wannan Medical CollegeUpdate SoonUpdate Soon
65.Zunyi Medical UniversityUpdate SoonUpdate Soon
66.Gannan Medical UniversityRs.2.31 lakhsrs. 44,000
67.Jining Medical UniversityUpdate SoonUpdate Soon
68.Gansu University Traditional Chinese MedicineUpdate SoonUpdate Soon
69.Jilin Medical CollegeRs. 2.15 LakhsRs. 55,000
70.Hainan Medical UniversityRs. 2.25 LakhsRs. 39,600
71.Guiyang College of Traditional Chinese MedicineRs. 1.76 LakhsRs. 33,000


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MBBS in China syllabus

First Year

1st Semester

2nd Semester

Medical Chemistry


Cell Biology

Human Anatomy

Chinese Introduction

Chinese Art

Chinese Culture


Second Year

1st Semester

2nd Semester



Medical Genetics

Human Anatomy

Human Anatomy


Chinese History


Third Year

1st Semester

2nd Semester



Hygienic Statistics


Medical Chinese




Fourth Year

1st Semester

2nd Semester




Forensic Pathology




Radio Diagnosis



Communicable Disease

Fifth Year

1st Semester

2nd Semester











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Admission process for MBBS in china

  • To get through the admission process, students should submit their necessary certificates after completion of the applying for admission online directly. 
  •  The Universities will release a set of counselling dates. If the candidate get selected after counsel, they will get an invitation letter.
  • The eligible candidates can go for student visa documents after they receive University’s invitation letter. 
  • They have to submit a copy of important documents with the attested University’s invitation letter to the Chinese Embassy to get a visa for traveling. 
  • To complete the admission process fully, the selected candidate to become student have to pay Tuition Fees at the time of admission. 

Documents required for MBBS in China

  • 10th Certificate + Mark sheet
  • 12th Certificate + Mark sheet
  • Passport with minimum 18 months validity.
  • Birth Certificate in English
  • Photos – 10
  • Official Invitation letter 
  • Authorised Documents And attested essential files approved by the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi.
  • Legalization of all documents by ChineseEmbassy
  • Visa fees
  • Bank Slip of University to assure and prove the payment of 1st-year Tuition fee
  • Medical or HIV Test Reports

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Scholarships offered to students for MBBS in china

The International students including Indian students can get scholarships based on their academic performance. Both the Chinese governments as well as Universities make many scholarships and exchange programs to lift students’ enthusiasm.

The following are some scholarships acclaimed by the Chinese Government to pave a smooth road for needy and scholar students to give them a bright future:-

  • University Scholarships (US)
  • Chinese Government Scholarships (CGS)
  • Confucius Institute Scholarships (CIS)
  • Chinese Local Government Scholarships (CLGS)

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Top universities in China


Rank in China

Rank in World

Year of Establishment

China Three Gorges University




Anhui Medical University




Xuzhou Medical College




Kunming Medical University




Dalian Medical University




Fujian Medical University




Guangzhou Medical University




Guangxi Medical University




Hebei Medical University




Harbin Medical University




MBBS in China vs MBBS in India


MBBS In China

MBBS In India

Course Duration

The course duration of MBBS in China is of 6 Years which also includes an internship.

MBBS In India course duration is of 5.5 years (4.5 years academics + 1-year Internship)

Entrance Test

No specific screening tests,  valid NEET score required by MCI mandated

Need good score in 12th class and need to qualify NEET with good percentage and should meet the criteria of cut-off

Fees Structure

about ₹15 lakh to ₹35 lakh 

Government college: INR 11,000 to INR 7.5 lakhs
Private college: INR 20 lakhs to INR 80 lakhs


The MDawarded to the medical graduates in China is certainly equivalent to MBBS degree in India 

After completion of MBBS Course in India, students are given with MBBS degree.


China is well-known for its innovative exchange programs and international seminars so, it gives full-fledged international exposure with lots of opportunities. 

Students don’t have the true platform to learn and experience things. Only one out of a hundred get the golden opportunity to stand in an international forum and have international exposure. It gives limited opportunities for growth.


MBBS In China

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MBBS in China-FAQ

It takes about one to two days to issue and the total process gets completed within 15 days. It is most likely to get the student visa within 15 days.

Chinese is not allotted as the core subject in the MBBS program but it is required for communication during Medical exposures and internships so, it is integrated in the curriculum.

Yes, students can work side by side to their studies to get extra exposure and independence.

China itself provides a good education environment to students but assigns a huge budget in the education and research field. The Universities of China provide top-notch facilities and a friendly atmosphere with excellent professors and staff.

Yes, they provide paid internships.

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