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13 Lakhs

Starting Package



6 Years



Approved Universities

MBBS in Armenia

MBBS In Armenia has become a good option for Indian medical aspirants, especially those searching for top universities in economic expansion. Armenia has some of the best medical universities recognized by major organizations like WHO, UNESCO and NMC.

The Ministry of Education and Science is responsible for the regulation of the education sector in Armenia. Primary and secondary education in Armenia is free, and completion of secondary school is compulsory. Higher education in Armenia is harmonized with the Bologna Process and the European Higher Education Area. The Armenian National Academy of Sciences plays an important role in postgraduate education.

Schooling takes 12 years in Armenia and breaks down into primary (4 years), middle (5 years) and high school (3 years). Schools engage a 10-grade mark system. The government also supports Armenian schools outside of Armenia.

Duration of Studying MBBS Course from Armenia is of total six years for the MBBS students to complete their study in Armenia

  • The duration of completing academic medical education is 5 years
  • One year is needed for completing the internship.
  • The courses help the student to become a successful MBBS Armenia graduate.

About Armenia:

MBBS In Armenia

A vast beautiful land filled with jaw-dropping landscapes, mouth-watering cuisines, rich culture, and inevitable historical events, these wonder still fail to highlight the true beauty of Armenia. It was the first country to officially adopt Christianity, giving Armenia, some of the world’s oldest and fine churches and monasteries in the lapse of soul-soothing nature. The Republic of Armenia is a landlocked transcontinental country. Since, its located in the southern Caucasus, the Republic of Armenia is considered to be the arbitrary border between Europe and Asia, this makes Armenia an ancient country with past dating older than the Roman Empire and presently falling within the boundaries of Asia turning it out to be a perfectly balanced country with tradition, culture, and modernism. It is also a member of the “Eurasian Economic Union”, the Council of Europe, and the Collective Security Treaty Organization.

Yerevan State University is Armenia’s largest educational institution. It is well furnished with 18 departments which include the department of law, social sciences, social services, and others.

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Why study MBBS in Armenia?

Armenia is a warm place with a lot of benefits, here are a few,

  • Affordability: It is relatively cheaper to study MBBS in Armenia, with the student-friendly environment
  • Exposure: Armenia medical college provides its students with good clinical exposures and quality medical education
  • Infrastructure: Armenian medical colleges and universities are well equipped with the latest and modern technology, high standard laboratories and modern and comfortable infrastructure
  • No entrance tests: A student has to undertake no entrance test to get admission to top medical universities in Armenia. The admission procedure for Armenian medical universities is quite easy and simple.
  • Good faculty: Students prefer MBBS in Armenia when going for the option of MBBS abroad due to the facilities they get in the top government medical universities of Armenia
  • English as a medium of instruction: The adoption of the English language as the medium of instruction is the other main reason why students prefer MBBS in Armenia.
  • Indian recognition: The awarded MBBS degrees from the prestigious Armenian Medical Universities are recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI) & listed with the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS)

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Prerequisite to study MBBS in Armenia


17+ or 25 below

Educational qualification

10+2 passed before the date of admission


Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English

  • Duly filled application form
  • Attested copies of certificates and mark sheets
  • 12 passport-sized photos
  • Attested and notarized copies of passport
  • HIV negative report
  • Curriculum vitae

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Quick information table

                                                            The Republic of Armenia



Official Language


Literacy Rate



Armenian Dram



Course Offered

MD (Equivalent to MBBS degree of India)

Course Duration

5 + 1 years (Internship)


WHO & MCI approved

Minimum Fee

Rs. 1.70 Lakhs per year

Maximum Fee

Rs. 2.79 Lakhs per year


10 +2 with 50% in case of General candidates

10+2 with 40% for Reserved category candidates

Entrance Exam


Medium of Instruction


MBBS in Armenia for Indian students

MBBS In Armenia

Armenia is one of the safe places for those who wish to pursue their MBBS there. The climatic condition, the environment is excellent for all. In addition, the people who live there are friendly by nature and they will help you if needed. However, the candidates who wish to do MBBS in Armenia need to be very cautious as it is an unknown place for them. The medical aspirants need to avoid parties at late night and need to be very careful about loitering with strangers. The Indian students always need to contact the Indian Embassy in case of any kind of need. Therefore, in this case, the students from India should enroll their names while they arrive in Armenia. 

In Armenia, the colleges offer various opportunities for the candidates to get a good quality education. The Universities of Armenia offer medical courses at a very reasonable cost. Moreover, the process for admission is easy to follow. There is no need to pay any amount for donation and the universities are recognized by NMC. Apart from this, the living cost is not so high and the visa process is also easy and affordable.

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Cost of study for MBBS in Armenia

Study MBBS In Armenia

The cost of studying MBBS in Armenia includes many aspects, a few of them are listed below,

Food and accommodation

Dormitory Facility

The universities of Armenia offer their candidates the facility of a dormitory. The candidates who want to take a dormitory can have this facility. It will be easier for the medical aspirants to attend their medical classes. The housing for students, located near the university campus or inside the campus.

  • The main facility of having this student housing is you can have separate rooms for both males and females.
  • All these rooms are well equipped with a study table, Wi-Fi connection, and laundry facility are also available here.
  • In addition, the medical aspirants can also avail the facility of the library so that they can study enough.
  • The university dormitory has a kitchen for those who wish to cook their meal.
  • The most attractive fact is that students can have this facility at a pocket-friendly cost.

Rooms Sharing

Many students share their rooms with others. Sometimes many candidates share one room along with a kitchen, washroom. In this way, they can also save their cost by distributing the amount among all the roommates.

Private Apartments

If you prefer to live alone and secluded spot to give more focus on study then you can have your apartment. Although you can stay in your private room comfortably, it is too expensive. So if you have enough money then you can afford this.

Residence for Candidates

The student residence can be another option for candidates who come from India. Many builders can build a residence according to your needs near your university. The size and equipment of these kinds of residents may vary.

Travelling cost

One-way Ticket (Local Transport)


Monthly Pass (Regular Price)


Taxi Start (Normal Tariff)


Taxi 1km (Normal Tariff)


Taxi 1hour Waiting (Normal Tariff)


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Advantages of MBBS in Armenia

Want to study mbbs in Armenia?

Fees structure of universities in Armenia

Armenia medical school fees,

Name of The University

Tuition Fees / Year

University of Traditional Medicine

3000 USD

Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University

2900 USD

Yeravan Haybusak University 

3800 USD

Armenian Medical Institute

3800 USD

ST. Tereza Medical University

3000 USD

Yerevan State Medical University

5000 USD

Armenia medical university

3200 USD

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MBBS in Armenia syllabus




  • Herbs Morphology and Physiology
  • General Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Medical Physics
  • History of Armenia
  • Mathematics and Medical Informatics
  • Foreign Language
  • Latin
  • Armenian language
  • History of Medicine
  • Human Anatomy
  • Physical Training
  • Histology Embryology Cytology
  • Bioorganic Chemistry


  • Histology Embryology Cytology
  • Philosophy
  • General Hygiene
  • General Psychology
  • Biochemistry
  • Medical Psychology
  • Microbiology, Virology and Immunology
  • Normal physiology
  • Pharmacognosy
  • Topographical anatomy and operative surgery
  • Human Anatomy
  • Pathological Anatomy
  • Armenian language
  • Physical Training


  • Pathological Anatomy
  • Radio diagnostics
  • Microbiology, Virology and Immunology
  • Topographical anatomy and operative surgery
  • General Surgery Anaesthesiology
  • Pharmacology
  • Acupuncture
  • Pathological Physiology, clinical-pathological physiology
  • Propaedeutic of Internal Disease
  • Homoeopathy
  • Traumatology and Orthopaedics
  • Neurology Medical Genetics


  • Acupuncture
  • Homoeopathy
  • Traumatology and Orthopaedics
  • Neurology Medical Genetics
  • Dermatology
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Epidemiology
  • Internal Diseases and Prof Diseases MFT
  • Surgical Diseases, Children Surgery Urology
  • Radiodiagnosis
  • Phototherapy
  • Infectious Diseases


  • Phytotherapy
  • Medicine of Emergencies
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Ear throat nose diseases
  • Ophthalmologic diseases
  • Physio-pulmonology
  • Social Health and Organization of Health
  • Oncology X-ray therapy
  • Paediatrics
  • Acupuncture
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Surgical Diseases, Children Surgery Urology
  • Internal Diseases and Prof Diseases MFT

Sixth year

  • Surgical Diseases, Children Surgery Urology
  • Social Health and Organization of Health
  • Physiotherapy and balneology
  • Polyclinic (outpatient) therapy
  • Reanimation and intensive therapy
  • Internal Diseases and Prof Diseases MFT
  • Paediatrics
  • Public Health
  • Manual therapy
  • Psychiatry
  • Acupuncture
  • Forensic Medicine
  • Clinical Pharmacology
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology

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Admission process for MBBS in Armenia

Admissions in Armenian medical colleges are bound by certain criteria and eligibility,

  • The age of the student needs to be between 17 years and below 25 years before the date of admission.
  • Every willing student who wishes to study medicine in Armenia must have completed his/her class XII in science; having scored a minimum of 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. This is mandatory for students from Unreserved Category
  • Reserved category (SC/ST/OBC) students can apply with 40% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology; as per the guidelines by the Medical Council of India (MCI)
  • The student must have qualified for NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test). It is mandatory from 2019 onwards
  • No additional entrance test or examination is required

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Scholarships offered to students for MBBS in Armenia

  • Studying medicine in the Republic of Armenia proves to be one of the best decisions but sometimes can be restricted because of finance. Here are some scholarships that allow students to have financial aids to students to support them for MBBS studies,

    • Education Future International Scholarship
    • For bachelors and masters
    • Partial funding
    • Open to Indian nationalities
    • For all courses


    • UICC Technical Fellowships
    • Research fellow and scientists 
    • Partial funding
    • Open to all nationalities except Americans
    • Aetiology, Cancer Prevention, Early Detection, Diagnosis, and Prognosis Treatment, Cancer Control, Survivorship, and Research into Outcomes Advocacy and Health Policy


    • Global Study IELTS Award
    • For bachelors and masters
    • Partial funding
    • Open to all nationalities
    • Any chosen program at the admitted university

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Top universities in Armenia

Armenia MBBS college rank high and have the best facilities,

Name of university 

World rank

Yerevan Haybusak University


St. Tereza Medical University


University of Traditional Medicine


Armenia university for MBBS


Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University



MBBS in Armenia vs MBBS in India

MBBS in Armenia

MBBS in India

The first degree in medicine is the MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery).

A Medicine degree is the first Medical Degree.

MBBS fees is slightly higher

MBBS fees are affordable.

Duration of education 5.5 Years.

Duration of education 6 Years.

Donation fees can be demanded by the university.

No donation charge can be asked by universities.

Rigid patterns with very uniform scheduling.

Flexible patterns and practical sessions.

Study MBBS In Armenia

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MBBS in Armenia-FAQ

Yes, MBBS in Armenia has become a good option for Indian students who wish to pursue medicine. Armenia has some of the best medical universities recognized by major organizations like WHO, UNESCO, and NMC.

Yes, students can practice in India after having an Armenian MBBS degree. All the colleges there are recognized by the NMC (which got replaced by National Medical Commission in September 2021) but you need to clear the screening test to practice in India.

Yes, colleges and universities in Armenia offer scholarships to the students, but the amount differs from university to university.

MBBS in Armenia is of 6 years. It includes 1 year of devoted internship to be done from a recognized hospital.

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