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6 Years



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MBBS in Kazakhstan

Students willing to study MBBS in Kazakhstan will be glad to know it’s the best trouble-free country to study medicine at an affordable price of around 4000$ without any donation or headcount. It’s a central Asian democratic, secular, constitutional unitary republic country. The colleges here offer five-year courses along with that 1 year for internship or job where you can easily get selected. They will get ready to pay your bills and expenses, which almost monthly cost between 200$ to 300$; in addition, all the universities are globally recognized and accepted by MCI and WHO. So, you can work anywhere abroad as per your wish. Talking about infrastructure, all universities are well-equipped modern infrastructure, fully air-conditioned smart classrooms providing highly qualified and experienced faculty for teaching through English. The admission process is very lenient; the students just have to match the universities’ eligibility criteria to get admitted to the top medical colleges of Kazakhstan. It’s a home of more than 100 ethnic groups and more than 40 faiths where you can easily get a variety of food as per your taste, whether it is about Indian food, vegan food or any other.

About kazakhstan:

Kazakhstan is a central Asian democratic, secular, constitutional unitary republic country. It’s the richest country in Asia, famous for Nomadic lifestyle, and the Soviet Union had a great influence on its formation. It’s a trouble-free, safe country as it’s a home of more than 100 ethnic groups and more than 40 beliefs with a population of 1.88 crores according to (2020) World Bank including the immigrant people during the first third of the 20th century they are Slavs, Germans, Jews, and others. Russian is the official language, but still, northwest people of the Kipchak group speak Turkic language, while in universities, English is the medium of language. Though there is a wide population of ethnic groups, you can easily get a variety of food as per your taste, whether it is about Indian food, vegan food, or any other. The President of the country is Kassym-Jomart Tokayev Trending l. The Capital city is Nur-Sultan.

The living and studying expenses are affordable here. Some beautiful and famous places that are the center of attraction of this country are Aksu-Zhabagly, Altai Mountains, Aral, Baikonur, Karkaraly National Park, Kyzylarai wildlife reserve, Talgar, Zailiysky Alatau, Turgen Valley, Kolsai Lakes. Thus, the country is not only good for studying, but it’s also a place for enjoying an adventure to relax your mind with some good sources.

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Why study MBBS in kazakhstan?

Studying medicine in Kazakhstan is worth the money; it provides you with a great education, teaching faculty, internship and practice in their clinical and paraclinical labs while the living expenses are minimal. The universities share the command goal of the higher institution at an affordable price with research and practice implying freedom to explore their knowledge and doubts by the assortment of modern medicine and practical training. Education is provided with great adequate security and safety by the government authorities. Universities here also provide you with hostel facilities, and the campus is well-structured with secured aims for the development of students. Apart from studies, the universities also offer extracurricular activities for the students to show flawless creativity with the secured amazing campus with wonderful views. The application forms get started in January; the eligibility and admission process is very simple. The college offers a five-year course on top of that, as the cherry on a cake next year is for an internship for their medical experience as a great opportunity knocking on their doorstep. They provide training also so that they can better experience or students Can apply for various internships while studying. More than 100 distinguished academicians and professors are part of the college involved in teaching and practical activities. Some of the main factors for Studying MBBS in Kazakhstan

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Prerequisite to study MBBS in kazakhstan

The student should have at least 5 passport size photos for documentation purposes. It would help if you had a Photocopy of the Passport of the student who will take admission and original Passport as well in case of any further requirement. It is vital to carry your Birth certificate, 10th and 12th standard mark sheet with 10+ 2 WITH PCB 60% IN 12TH / +2, Clearance Certificate from the side of the Police (PCC, obtained after Receiving Passport) along with these documents the universities require Travel and health insurance with HIV test results, Migration certificate, Aadhar card, PAN Card of the students and parents, student visa Letter of authorization signed by the student, Sponsor letter for admission and No objection certificate and only one examination is required which is NEET exam and scholarship letter if any.

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Quick information table


NMC/MCI, WHO, globally recognized officially approved by government


10+ 2 WITH PCB 60% IN 12TH / +2

Course Duration

5 years + 1year internship


Yes, Required


Not Required

Medium of Teaching


Total Tuition Fee

2 to 5 lakhs per year


MBBS in kazakhstan for Indian students

Kazakhstan government has conducted from the good sources that there is a huge range of Indian students from India among the students from 50 countries who are studying in Kazakhstan with Proper security and safety provided by their government and authorities of Kazakhstan for the students who are already pursuing МВВЅ course in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan has been one of the best choices for MBBS as per the sources for Indians. It provides great education and cost of living at affordable and low cost compared to India and is located near India in central Asia. The maximum length of the course for Study MBBS or any other medical course is 5 years with a one-year internship. Still, students can also work in any other country globally, and the general course length required to study MBBS in Kazakhstan is comparably less than in India.


According to the sources, education in Kazakhstan, compared with other countries like the Philippines, Bangladesh, and Ukraine, is less expensive and affordable. Even students from India go for MBBS from most of the world but eventually, the greater strength is in Kazakhstan. The Indian student considers the nature of education for studying Medicine in Kazakhstan with a modern, well-equipped structure and training. All at affordable fees, from education to living the best way to specialize in medicine at a cheap cost. The students can also get the best education in India due to high fees, ranging from 12 lakhs to 1 crore, which is not feasible for each student. Kazakhstan is offering a fairly sensible amount of money compared to different nations. Since Kazakhstan is near Asia only, it seeks most of the attention from Indian students with the plus point it is the richest Asian country after the MBBS program in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is best known to convince the world to provide the best MBBS training at a truly sensible fee structure, providing students with the best knowledge and properly utilizing their investment. The admission procedure in Kazakhstan is also very easy, with some basic mandatory documents and only one NEET exam compared to numerous different nations.

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Cost of study for MBBS in kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is opening a big door for students who cannot afford the high-fat price for MBBS and want a globally recognized degree. Kazakhstan will not let it just be your dream. It is a country that will make your dream come true at an affordable price, plus a one-year internship for training and experience in this field from renowned universities. Studying MBBS in Kazakhstan is a new hype, especially for Indian students. It takes credit for good education and living costs. The tuition fee ranges between 3600 US Dollars to 5700 US Dollars each year in Kazakhstan. The hostel fee is 600 US dollars each year, which you can easily afford. It is beneficial for those who have a low budget plan but want to study MBBS as it is giving them an equal standard of education to those of other nations.

I. Food and Accommodation cost

The cities are well known and in hype for an MBBS course for students to study MBBS in Kazakhstan. The students who wish to study medicine from a top university and want to experience their MBBS education from a good university, it is here in Kazakhstan providing you with the Standard hostel room services which are affordable for the students who are studying in Kazakhstan. in total 6 to 7 hostels are there in every medical university for international students in Kazakhstan. Lodging, feeding and laundry are included in the hostel. Usually, a university hostel situated near the institution is preferred by the students, because it costs less to students from 7 save the time of traveling. The hostel has rooms like rooms with a bed, mattress, blanket, and bed-sheet with well-equipped furniture. Since there are more than 100 ethnic groups in Kazakhstan, there is a variety of food according to tastes, and Indian food is also very easily available.

ii. Living cost

Compared to distinct provinces, the cost of residence and food is low in Kazakhstan. It’s quite comfortable, with all expenses such as food and other bills being fairly acceptable like for their hostel, fun, grocery and shopping. Prices are lower outside of major civic areas, with low food and conveyance bills but obviously, it fluctuates depending upon their lifestyle. For students, staying in a boarding house is preferable because it contains food and other residential expenses. As a result, the students will not incur any additional expenses. Students could also work part-time internships in their spare time. The living cost is not accurate; it’s just an overall experience-based living cost to give you an idea of what you’ll be spending.

  • Living cost: 5000 to 10000 per month in INR

iii. Travelling cost

The traveling cost for the students is average and not as costly as in Europe and other countries. The cost of travel between India to Kazakhstan is around 30 a thousand to 40 thousand as it is situated in central Asia. Meanwhile, the cost of taxi rides in Kazakhstan is significantly more than public transportation. So, it is better to prefer local transport.

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Advantages of MBBS in Kazakhstan

For the students who wish to opt for MBBS in abroad, the expenditures of tuition make them scared of applying to hear deal in affordable coast that is acceptable, and the living costs are moderately lower than those of distinct European countries; therefore, higher education at a pocket-friendly budget is knocking on your door MBBS in Kazakhstan can be a huge relief for them. Kazakhstan provides medical education at a high level with fair and affordable costs. Every student can’t afford high donations or tuition fees in private medical colleges like India. Don’t worry; Kazakhstan universities do not require any donation or headcount, making it easy to pursue.


Kazakhstan offers medical universities facilities at an affordable cost with all facilities and experienced faculty. English is used on the University campus to avoid language barriers or conflicts as a medium of instruction since Russian is the official language. As it is chosen in the top medical universities in Kazakhstan, Indian students can get direct admission, as there is no need for any additional entrance examinations; only the NEET exam is required, not even English Language Proficiency tests like IELTS/TOEFL. Well equipped with all modern amenities and good infrastructure and modern training in their clinical and paraclinical labs is a highlight of Kazakhstan to facilitate the students to explore their knowledge, making it equal for everyone. For the international students from all corners of the world, a good hostel and food facility is also available since it is a home of various ethnic groups and beliefs.


Every year, the education system in Kazakhstan and especially the universities attract many international students through Marinating higher educational institutions with all the innovative research and experiences of complete freedom to explore your knowledge. Depending upon their choice and availability of opportunities working globally. Provides a variety of modern medicine and practical training in renowned hospitals to the students to make sure they take good practical exposure and knowledge before they head out to practice their profession; Top Medical Universities in Kazakhstan offer multiple medical categories. The universities are recognized by ECFMG Education Council Of Foreign Medical Graduates, USA, FAIMER’s IMED – Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research’s International Medical Education Directory.

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Fees Structure of universities in Kazakhstan

University Name

Total Tuition fee with hostel in USD

Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University

26,000 USD

Semey State Medical University

22,300 USD

Kazakh National Medical University

23,100 USD

Karaganda Medical University

22,300 USD

Astana Medical University

23,050 USD

South Kazakhstan Medical Academy

23,850 USD

West Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov State Medical University

22,700 USD

Al Farab Kazak National University

26,000 USD

Kokshetau State University

21,000 USD

Kazakh Russian Medical University

24,600 USD

North Kazakhstan State University

21,000 USD

University Of International Business

21,900 USD

Caspian International School Of Medicine

19,200 USD

Note: it may change as per currency

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MBBS In Kazakhstan Syllabus

1st year

2nd year

3rd year

4th year

5th year

Fundamentals of Psychology

Human Anatomy




Bioorganic Chemistry







path morphology

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Social Medicine

Medical Chemistry


Hygiene and Ecology


Internal medicine




Medical Psychology


Human Anatomy

Emergency Medicine

Internal Medicine





General Surgery


Medical genetics

Elective Courses



Forensic Medicine


Patient Care

Elective courses




Social medicine

Clinical Immunology



Emergency Medicine

Fundamentals of Stomatology

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Admission Process for MBBS in Kazakhstan

  • The student must be 17 years old before the admission session gets started; the admission forms will start from January, and the candidate must have finished 10+2 with Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and English with the lowest scoring of 60% Students will not get admitted if they had below 60% in 10+2 board and which should be from the approved board in addition to that student must have all the documents as mentioned in this article. No donation or headcount is required in the admission process any IELTS/TOEFL is required; only the NEET examination is a must. The steps are mentioned below as follows:


    Step 1: The first step will be for students to download the application form from the particular university’s website and fill in the information as asked in the form with all the correct points of interest and applicant data which course he/they wants to pursue.

    Step 2: After filling out the application form, the student will receive an acceptance letter from the particular university

    Step 3: After receiving an admission letter, the student has to submit his passport copy academic documents like X- & XII-mark sheets (educational certificates), Birth Certificate, NEET scorecard, and Passport size photographs, admit cards attested from Kazakhstan High Commission, Delhi

    Step 4: Then, the agency will apply for a student visa in the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Delhi. The Embassy might call the student to interview them. Students will have to apply for a ‘Visa Invitation letter’, then for which, you require the following: Passport Medical Fitness Certificate HIV Report Passport size photographs with white background.

    Step 5: stamping a visa is almost the last process. Once the visa is stamped for the confirmed traveling date, the agency will inform the candidate.

    Step 6: the student must follow all the airport guidelines. Officials will receive the student upon arrival at the airport, Once the student reaches Kazakhstan and the university.

    Step 7: for students, there will be accommodation and food in the university’s hostel.

    Step 8: Students will join the MBBS course by paying the balance amount of the tuition fee to the international student department

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Scholarship offered to students for MBBS in Kazakhstan

There are some scholarships for the students who want to pursue medical or any other course, which is eligible for all the international students and is officially authorized by the government of different countries. Some scholarships are MOE-AU Scholarship for Singaporean Students, 2017 MOE-AU Scholarship for Singaporean Students, 2017 is a Full Funding international scholarship offered by the Ministry of Education (Singapore) for international students another is State Educational Grant and Loan Scheme, Denmark, 2017 State Educational Grant and Loan Scheme, Denmark, 2017 is a Partial Funding international scholarship offered by the Government of Denmark for international students.

 Students eligible for this scholarship are: Open to applicants of Singapore, Global Study IELTS Awards is a Partial Funding international scholarship offered by the British Council for international students. Students eligible for this scholarship are open to all nationalities; another scholarship is Masta Scholarships, 2018 Mawista Scholarships, 2018 is a Partial Funding international scholarship offered by the Mawista for international students. Students eligible for this scholarship are also Open to all nationalities. This Bachelor’s/Undergraduate scholarship can be taken for pursuing any subject. This scholarship can be taken at any university worldwide except the country that offers the scholarship. Deadline varies from the deadline to send applications for Scholarships for Students. This scholarship can be taken at any local or overseas university.

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Top Universities in Kazakhstan with ranking

University name


Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

Ranked 165 in the QS World University Rankings 2019/20

Semey State Medical University

World rank 6008 in 2021

Kazakh National Medical University

World rank 4279 in 2021


MBBS in Kazakhstan Vs MBBS in India

MBBS in India

MBBS in Kazakhstan

Cost of living approx. per month is around 27000

Cost of living approx. per month is 5 to 10 thousand

Is not globally recognized you have to pass certain exams for that

Is globally recognized

Total course fee ranges from INR 20000 to 7.5 lakh for government college and for private colleges it ranges from 20 lakhs to 1 crore

Total course fee ranges from 2 lakhs to 5 lakhs per year

Top colleges are All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi, Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh, Christian Medical College, Vellore

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Semey State Medical University, Kazakh National Medical University

Eligibility 50% in PCB 12 passed by recognized board

Eligibility is 60% in PCB for General 40% for SC/ST


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MBBS in kazakhstan FAQ

No, ragging is prohibited in Kazakhstan Universities. All universities are ragging-free.

The Universities provide libraries, housing, sports facilities, study abroad, distance learning, academic counseling career, institutional hospital, and administrative services and facilities for giving them exposure to a better way of learning and research.

 Yes as compared to other countries the fees and living costs in Kazakhstan are reasonable.

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