Scholarships in Italy

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1. The Italian Government Scholarship For Foreign Students.

The Italian Government Scholarships for foreign students is one, of the best Italian scholarships for international students, variety of its programs was introduced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation to support students from different parts of the world, especially those who are struggling. This scholarship in Italy is additionally considered to boost international cooperation in various fields like technological, cultural, and scientific. The scholarships are offered to eligible international students studying in one of the Italian universities. The beneficiaries receive partial or full tuition fees wishing on the number of qualified students and their educational merit. On top of this, one also will receive monthly allowances amounting to about $1000 and be paid on a quarterly basis.

Scholorship In Italy
Scholorship In Italy

2. Padua International Excellence Scholarship Program

Being one in all the best universities in Italy, the University of Padua has placed an importance on the expansion of its international body due to which, the institution has established this scholarship scheme to award 50 scholarships to prospective students who wish to pursue a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree. The courses are completely held in English, which suggests that plenty of eligible international students have gotten to use for this scholarship award. because of its high selectivity, students with the best achievements and outstanding academic records are chosen for this program. For Bachelor’s degrees, the utmost duration of this scholarship is approximately three years while the utmost duration of Master’s degree candidates is around two years.

3. Regione Veneto Scholarships

Regione Veneto Scholarships was established for college students who come from low-income families. so as to be considered for this scholarship, eligible applicants must be first be admitted into one among the programs offered by the University of Padua, and that they also must be eligible to get an Italian visa, which is a perfect requirement for a world applicant. The duration of this scholarship is just one year, scholarship recipients must renew their scholarship duration by meeting the renewal requirements.

4. Politecnico International Scholarships

The Politecnico di Torino is a perfect destination that gives Italian scholarships to international students who have an interest within the fields of engineering and architecture. There are five different scholarship projects which one can apply for at the institution. Alta Scuola Politecnica, as an example, targets talented international students who have an interest within the school’s Master of Science programs. another scholarships include Eni Project (Petroleum Engineering), TOPoliTo, and also the Invest Your Talent in Italy program.

5. Scuola Normale Superiore Ph.D. Scholarships

Scuola Normale Superiore is one amongst the foremost prestigious institutions in Italy. This state-supported university offers various financial aids to international students looking to further their studies within the country. the foremost popular scholarship program at the institution is that the fully-funded Ph.D. courses. The beneficiaries of this Italy scholarship will have their tuition fee covered moreover as room & board.

Scholorship In Italy