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MBBS in russia

MBBS in Russia is one of the best options for getting MBBS abroad. Studying under the MBBS program in Russia is becoming popular among Indian students as it provides quality education at an affordable price. Russia ranks 8th in the ranking of countries where students from all over the world come to study under the MBBS program. About 30 positions are occupied by the leading medical universities of Russia in the world ranking of medical universities.

Russian medical universities have good infrastructure, exceptional faculty, and quality medical education. MBBS is the most popular medical course among international applicants. The level of MBBS training in Russia is well developed and advanced. Currently, most Russian medical schools offer MBBS in English for international students at a very affordable price. Currently, more than 10,000 Indian students study at medical universities in Russia, most of them study under the MBBS program, and their number is increasing every year.

About Russia

MBBS In Russia

Russia is a Eurasian country with 77% of it in Asia and the rest 23% of Europe. Russia has high credits in the fields of applied science and literature helping the world face reforms in the revolution have made large contributions. They have given rise to many exceptional researchers like Igor Tamm and Ilya Frank who are masters of logical technique. Where the world is experiencing some groundbreaking reforms in the field of industrialization, Alexander Popov did well in paving grounds for the developments of humankind that would be of great help in the future. Russia’s has well-established trades export and import are making of machine building, oil refining, textiles, and instruments since earlier times even before the implementation of modern world techniques.

Russia also has enough contributions made in physical sciences in accordance to great researchers as Igor Sikorsky who is an aviation pioneer credited for inventing the helicopter, likewise Nikolas Pirogov, who drove the undertaking in the language of surgery by the development of anesthesia in field surgery which is later expanded to a wide variety of uses.

Russian Universities paved the forum of education and research for the well-being of society are well established and run with enthusiasm and honour. They hold globally recognized renowned certifications rate records in the field of science, innate sciences, physical science, drug store, medication, math, and software engineering. Professors and analysts have verified and distinguished training to provide students with knowledge and guidance in their institutions.

The official language of Russia is Russian and hence is the main medium of teaching in most of the institutions across the county. However, most universities also provide bilingual teaching, with English as the medium of teaching allowing students to prepare for world-level recognition.

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Why study MBBS in Russia?

Studying medicine and healthcare varies in different countries depending on the type and quality of their institution. For students wanting to pursue a degree in medical science and become a doctor, Russia is a preferable choice among students. It is comparatively affordable and cost-effective yet provides noteworthy commencement to their students. They are one of the fastest-growing industries in the world today with many leading techniques to provide.

The Russian universities have aptitude method teaching and attentive faculty for their students thus providing a satisfactory atmosphere for them to learn and apply. They are law-abiding institutions and faculties that provide proper and certified documents that are world-renowned. 

The N. I. Pirogov University is a university named after famous physicist N. I. Pirogov alongside I. M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University named after physicist Ivan M. Sechenov are a few of the oldest well-established universities in Russia given birth to notable alumni as Sergey Botkin, Vladimir Serbesky etc. Other well-renowned universities as the Altai State Medical University, Omsk State Medical University, Moscow State University, etc are profound universities for studying medical science in Russia.

These universities have well-known faculties and high-quality machines are well known for their tutoring in fields of:

  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Paediatrics
  • Faculty of Preventive Medicine
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Postgraduate Professional Training of Physicians
  • Preparatory Department for International Applicants
  • Institute of Professional Education
  • Centre of Master’s Programs

The admission criteria for students in Russia is quite eligible for students to apply. They do not require any entrance test unlike many other renowned countries rather the admissions are based strictly upon the performance in 12th standard grades. Students who have acquired an average of 60 percent or above in 12th grade have privilege among the rest.

Want to study mbbs in Russia?

Requirements/Prerequisites for studying MBBS in Russia

Below given are a set of guidelines for the students who want to apply for an MBBS degree or Master’s degree in Russia have to follow discreetly for successful graduation.

The students first need to prepare an application to apply for admission in their desired college and send it to them. This application needs to be approved and replied with a letter assuring the eligibility of admission for the students in their college for the students to be able to further proceed with the formalities required. 

While researching for the colleges and universities to pursue higher studies in Russia, students also must look up the criteria for subsequent language requirements of their preferred university as the language of the medium of teaching may vary from one university to another university. Therefore, one needs to already prepare for the mandatory tests as they are required to show these with other documents while applying for a study visa. 

The English language tests as TOEFL or IELTS are a few of the certified tests approved by the universities. EGE is the entrance exam that allows all national and international students to apply and book a seat in Russian universities. All necessary information regarding the exam is found on the official website. Other exams like TORFL or ТРКИ is the standardized Russian language proficiency test and is acknowledged worldwide. It’s a 3-level program consisting of five parts which are supervised by the Russian Ministry of Educational and Science.

After receiving the approval letter from the institute, the candidate must begin to prepare for finalizing the process and the documents required such as applying for the visa, residential permits, and health insurance. They must also start sorting out the necessary documents as CV, transcriptions, recommendation letters, scholarship details, etc to present to the authorities as requested.

Students must also keep in check with the deadlines provided by their universities for payment of fees and sending documents. They must also book the flights ahead of time and contact their universities for enrollment and further living. 

MBBS in Russia for Indian students

MBBS In Russia

Indian students who want to earn an MBBS degree in medical science from abroad has now access to Russian universities with a wide variety of courses to choose from and graduate with world-class recognition. These universities have global placements facilities allowing students to benefit from great opportunities to work upon after graduation.

Students from India who do not have the provided facilities to relocate to the country to attain a degree can successfully achieve their degrees in their respected course with the facility of distance learning. Given the rise in demand for foreign education and foreign admissions into their universities the authorities have set up portals and websites to easily find their required instruction for students all across the world. 

Indian students can pursue both Bachelor’s and Masters in their preferred universities and even further apply for a doctorate or Ph.D. 

The UG or Bachelor’s degree for medicinal study costs an average of 4000 USD to 7,000 USD for the average international student per year. The beginning amount roughly translates to an amount of ₹ 2,75,000 in Indian currency. It is a 5-year course with an additional 1-year of compulsory apprenticeship which is often paid, thus in total summing up to 6 years. The lodging and food come with the hostel package which costs about 1,500 USD with variable facilities. 

The master’s or PG’s is one of the most preferred courses for students applying abroad pursuing medical post-graduation as the faculty is considered to be one of the best for students. The degree awarded is either an M.D as Medicine Faculty or M.S as in Master of Surgery or Surgery Faculty. The courses are generally 3-year programs with the first year as resident and 2-years of learning. The tuition fees for an average international student studying MD range from 5,200 USD to 7,000 USD. The rough translation for the minimum cost of studying is ₹ 3,85,000 roughly in Indian Currency.

Any Indian will have the equivalent value upon completing an MBBS course in Russia as same as completing the same course in India with the successful passing of the MCI Screening Test.

Want to study mbbs in Russia?

Advantages of MBBS in Russia

Studying in Russia is a beneficial choice for students wanting to pursue higher studies in MBBS in foreign. A few of these attractive benefits are listed below:

  • Economically affordable and cost-effective.
  • Ethical mentorship and method teaching
  • Improvisation of leading and latest technology and machines.
  • Remarkable infrastructure and dormitories facilities for students.
  • International recognition.
  • Best College libraries
  • Available resources
  • Cost cutting and easy transportation
  • Global market opportunities
  • Distance learning and full-time course
  • Indian restaurants and culture spread making students feel less homesick
  • Entertainment in colleges for students

Want to study mbbs in Russia?

Scholarships offered to students for MBBS in Russia

Russia is one of the notable countries in the world that provides free education to their international students that are intake or exchange students. 

The government of Russia provides education for all national and international students and are of various types which include full coverage and partial coverage of one’s expense. There are no age restrictions for one to avail the facilities of the scholarship

A few of the scholarships are listed below:

  1. Government Funded Scholarships
    1. Uniform State Examination (EGE) Route for Scholarships by the Russian Government
  2. Non-Government Funded Scholarships
    1. The Russian Scholarships Project – Open Doors Russian Scholarships
    2. Benjamin A Gilman Scholarships
    3. BP in Russia Research Scholarships
  3. University-Specific Russian Scholarships
    1. National Research Nuclear University (Mephl)
    2. Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
    3. HSE University Global Scholarship Competition, Russia (full scholarship for Master’s Degree) 
    4. Educational Grants by Medical Colleges in Russia
    5. HSE Gold Funding for International Students
    6. Russian International Olympic University
    7. Lomonosov Moscow State University
    8. Tomsk State University 

The Russian Scholarships Do not include the below-listed items:

  • Cost of travel and transport to Russia or within the country
  • Living expenditure
  • Voluntary health insurance policy 
  • Overseas students (graduates) who are completing their internships are not liable for maintenance allowance- only dormitory provision

Living Accommodation in Russia

Russia is not very cheap but an affordable place to locate for students applying for higher studies. An average expense of an international student on themselves is about 1,500 USD to 5,000 USD per month.

  • Room Rent – For students living in rental apartments are required to pay about 500 USD to 3,00 USD depending on the facilities provided.  
  • Food Costs – For students living off-campus need an average of 300 USD to 700 USD for food. This includes all the convenience stores expenditures both on and off-campus.
  • Transportation Costs – For students both on and off-campus need to spend an amount of 200 USD to 250 USD on their transportation.
  • Other commodities take up to 300 – 400 USD per student.

Want to study mbbs in Russia?

Universities for MBBS in Russia

The Russian Universities provide a vast number of courses open to both local and international students who want to pursue higher education in bachelors or master or diploma courses in Russia. These universities use the best textual and applied to teach for their students to be profound in their profession with real work experience with learning. They are also cost-effective and economically affordable helping budget liner students with impeccable talents to avail the features of high-quality education based on merits. 

Students aren’t required to pass any entrance exams unlike NEET or AIMS and are eligible to get an admission upon qualifying an average of 60 percent in their prior academic results. The students are required to complete 17 years of age with an aggregate of 50 percent in their PCB on their 10+2 qualifying exam. However, students from SC/ST/OBC category can be counted qualified with an aggregate of 45 percent in PCB.

Russian universities however not as good as other safe countries but better than Latin America as a preferable choice for Indian students. A few of the best universities for MBBS in Russia are:

  • Altai State Medical University – Altai State Medical University is a 65 year-old institute and counts the 3rd position among the nationwide list.
  1. Duration of course – 6 Years (5 years + 1 year)
  2. Tuition Fees – 24,000 USD to 30,000 USD
  3. Approved by – MCI, WHO
  4. Indian Students enrolled – approx. 400+
  5. Total foreign students enrolled – approx. 5,500+
  6. Benefits – Global recognition, Multiple depts. with qualitative educator, College Library.
  • OMSK State University – The university had laid its foundation in 1920 and is one of the oldest universities in the entire Siberia Region. It ranks among the top 100 best universities nationwide.
  1. Duration of Course – 6 Years (5 years + 1 year)
  2. Tuition Fees – 16,650,000 USD to 20,000 USD
  3. Approved by – MCI, WHO
  4. Indian Students enrolled – approx. 500+
  5. Foreign students enrolled – approx. 5,500+
  6. Benefits – International Recognition, Dormitories and infrastructure, Healthy lifestyle
  • Orel State Medical University – The university was founded in the year 1931and has the best tradition of Russia Medical education in the world with 18 running departments and profound faculty.
  1. Duration of Course – 6 Years (5 years + 1 year)
  2. Tuition Fees – 22,200 USD to 28,000 USD
  3. Approved by – MCI, WHO
  4. Indian Students enrolled – approx. 500+
  5. Foreign students enrolled – approx. 5,500+
  6. Benefits – Global recognition, Multiple depts. with qualitative educator, College Library.
  • Ulyanovsk State University – The organization was established in the year 1985 and the first to join reforms and now allows distance learning courses and full-time courses for all undergraduates or Bachelors, postgraduates or Masters and diploma or Ph.D. medical degrees.
  1. Duration of Course – 6 Years (5 years + 1 year)
  2. Tuition Fees – 22,200 USD to 28,000 USD
  3. Approved by – MCI, WHO
  4. Indian Students Enrolled – approx. 500+
  5. Foreign Students Enrolled – approx. 5,500+
  6. Benefits – International Recognition, Dormitories and infrastructure, Healthy lifestyle, Online classes and distance learning, cost-effective.
  • Pirogov Russian NRM University – The university was established in the year of 1906 and named after scientist N. I. Pirogov and is one of the oldest universities. 
  1. Duration of Course – 6 Years (5 years + 1 year)
  2. Tuition Fees – 46,000 USD to 48,600 USD
  3. Approved by – MCI, WHO
  4. Indian Students Enrolled – approx. 500+
  5. Foreign Students Enrolled – approx. 5,500+
  6. Benefits – International Recognition, Quality infrastructure, good dormitories.

Sr. No.

University Name

Rank (Nationwide)



Altai University


$4,000 First Year

$4,000 per year


OMSK University


$2,775 First Year

$2,775 per year


Orel State Medical University


$3,700 First Year

$3,700 per year


Ulyanovsk State University


$3,700 First Year

$3,700 per year

MBBS in Russia vs MBBS in India

Sr. No.

MBBS in Russia

MBBS in India


Doesn’t require NEET/AIMS

Requires NEET/AIMS


Main emphasises on theoretical knowledge

Main emphasises on practical knowledge


The duration is 4-5 years

The duration is strictly 5years 


Apprenticeship is mandatory

Apprenticeship may not be mandatory in the past however, from 2021 its made mandatory for all

Study MBBS Abroad in Russia

Want to study mbbs in Russia?

MBBS in russia FAQ

The academic year for all Russian Medical universities starts from 1st September.

No, students need to acquire about 60% in PCB in their 12th-grade result.

No, Russian proficiency isn’t required as most of the institutes provide education in the English medium.

Yes, you are eligible to perform an internship in India after graduating from a Russian Medical University.

Students need to take an international or forex card or hard cash in USD at the beginning. Then they can apply for a bank account there upon consulting with authorities. 

Want to study mbbs in Russia?