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Study MBBS in Ad-Din Sakina Medical College and Hospital Bangladesh

Ad-Din Sakina Medical College was established in 2008. The college is located in Jessore,  Bangladesh. It is a women’s college. The main aim of this college is to help the unprivileged  students. It is a private Medical College. The college has excellent professors who are most  experienced. They provide advanced teaching facilities, modern amenities, and also give  opportunities to represent college to the new world.  

Departments available in Ad-Din Sakina Medical College are: 

  • General Medicine 
  • Surgery 
  • Medicine 

College also provides facilities like: 

  • Library with various books and journals 
  • Canteen  
  • Cafeteria 
  • Smart classrooms 
  • Study rooms with quiet surroundings for students to focus on their study 
  • Hostel for both and girls 
  • Internet facility 
  • Security system 

Mission of the college is to produce quality medical physicians who will contain the essential  knowledge, skill, and are also capable of medical practice. They need students who could work  in any kind of environment under any circumstances. The college’s main aim is to provide best  health care facilities to all the people of the country as well as support the women who are aspiring  to become successful.

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Affiliation and Recognition of Ad-Din Sakina Medical College and Hospital Bangladesh

  • The College is affiliated with the University of Rajshahi 
  • Recognized under MCI  
  • Recognized under Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC) 
  • Permission by (MoH & FW) Ministry of Health and Family Welfare 

Approved by WHO

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Why choose Ad-Din Sakina Medical College and Hospital Bangladesh

  • Ad-Din Sakina Medical College is recognized by some of the famous organizations like  WHO and also approved by MCI which allows Indian students to set up their practice in  India 
  • Faculty of College is comprised of high qualified lecturers with great knowledge 
  • Different guided research works are provided to the students 
  • The atmosphere is also good for the foreign students 
  • Teaching medium is English and easy for foreigners too 
  • A very affordable fee structure is provided by the college 
  • College provides a year of internship for every student which is mandatory for the students  to get license for their own practice 
  • Helps students gain knowledge in medical field  
  • Campus is ultra-modern and outfitted and provides the topnotch facilities
  • Large rooms with air-conditioning are provided to students 
  • The surroundings are also safe and secure with good surveillance system 
  • Seminars and conferences are regularly held for students 
  • College focuses on all-round development of students 
  • Training program is very well 
  • Placement facilities are also provided for the students  

Ad-Din Sakina Medical College and Hospital Bangladesh - A Quick Tour:

Study mbbs in Southern Medical College and Hospital, Bangladesh

Year of Establishment 


University Type 



NMC and WHO approved


60% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology  Aggregate

Course Duration 

5+1 Year internship


Yes, with qualifying marks


Not Required

Medium of Teaching 


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Fee Structure of Ad-Din Sakina Medical College and Hospital Bangladesh

  • Total fee: 36,000 USD 
  • At the time of admission: 17,000 USD 
  • For the 1st year of MBBS: 3,000 USD 
  • 2nd year: 4,000 USD 
  • 3rd year: 4,000 USD 
  • 4th year: 4,000 USD 

Ranking of Ad-Din Sakina Medical College and Hospital Bangladesh





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Syllabus of Ad-Din Sakina Medical College and Hospital Bangladesh

  • First professional exam: Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry 
  • Second professional exam: Community Medicine and Forensic Medicine 
  • Third professional exam: Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Microbiology and Pathology 
  • Fourth professional exam: Medicine and Allied Subjects, Surgery and Allied Subjects,  Obstetrics and gynecology 

Eligibility Criteria for Study MBBS in Ad-Din Sakina Medical College and Hospital Bangladesh

  • Candidates should be 17 years of age and above  
  • Candidates should be below 25 years 
  • NEET score is compulsory, so everyone must attempt NEET exam and score a good  number 
  • In 10th and 12th, the minimum score should be 60% 
  • Candidates who are physically unfit, mentally challenged are not eligible to apply. So, they  need to undergo the medical tests.
study mbbs in Medical College for Women and Hospital, Bangladesh

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Ad-Din Sakina Medical College and Hospital BangladeshAdmission Process:

  • Students need to fill the application which is on the college website 
  • If they meet the eligibility criteria, students need to appear for an entrance test conducted  by the college 
  • If the students get marks that are listed as cutoff marks and their application is verified,  they will receive an offer letter from the college. 
  • After receiving the offer letter, students need to apply for a visa 
  • Students are required to report in the college in person for the consultation 
  • After paying the fee accordingly, students can start their degree 

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Documents required for admission in Ad-Din Sakina Medical College and Hospital Bangladesh

  • Photocopy of a valid passport  
  • Health Certificate  
  • Passport sized photos  
  • High School graduate certification.  
  • Certificate of transfer  
  • Application form  
  • Birth certificate  
  • Migration certificate  
  • Passport  
  • NEET scorecard  
  • Certificate of HIV testing  
  • SSC, HSC certificates 
  • Report on covid-19  
  • Transcripts  
  • Medical certificate  
  • National Identification 

Accommodation and food facilities in Ad-Din Sakina Medical College and Hospital Bangladesh

Ad-Din Sakina Medical College provides hostel facilities to its students. Hostel provides: 

  • Common rooms 
  • Mess facility 
  • Spacious rooms 
  • Good surroundings for studying 
  • Laundry 
  • Reading rooms 
  • Security for 24 hours 
  • Internet connection  

Study inAd-Din Sakina Medical College and Hospital Bangladesh for Indian Students:

Medicine is a good option for Indian students. In Bangladesh, MBBS is affordable and friendly.  Bangladesh is also our neighboring country which makes it easy for students to travel in-between  countries. It even feels like home to Indian students. There is also no language barrier present, all  the education is done in English medium only. Getting a visa and admission in colleges in  Bangladesh is also a very easy process for Indian students.  

Why MBBS in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has a very good number of medical colleges which are affiliated, run privately, and  also internationally recognized and funded. Bangladesh is a healthy place for educational  prosperity in medicine. Medical colleges in Bangladesh not only teach medicine but also award  their students with a degree of Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS). Universities  like The University of Dhaka, The University of Chittagong are some of the oldest and largest  campuses of medicinal education in Bangladesh.  

  • Low-cost MBBS study in Bangladesh  
  • NMC approved colleges with a cheap package are present in Bangladesh.  One of the safest places to study MBBS  
  • Latest tech is used and everything is well equipped.  

The language of instruction is English and is understood by foreign students Food habits and tastes ate similar to India making it a preferred option 

Benefits of Study mbbs in iran MBBS in Bangladesh

  • The standard of education is high and equivalent to that of other top countries.  
  • In comparison to other nations throughout the world, the cost of the entire MBBS degree in  Bangladesh is fairly reasonable.  
  • Graduates from Bangladesh’s medical colleges can attend a variety of foreign seminars and  conferences. This contributes to success as MBBS aspirants. 
  • Top Medical Universities in Bangladesh provide world-class education with high-quality  standards and well-experienced faculty.  
  • The accommodations are extremely reasonably priced and have good quality standards and  services.  

Our Assistance for MBBS admission in Ad-Din Sakina Medical College and Hospital Bangladesh

Globis Vidya provides opportunities to Indian students to study abroad and make their career  bright and successful with overseas education. Mission of Globis Vidya is to make sure that every  Indian student is provided with a better-quality education within affordability and reach beyond  the boundaries of India.  

  • Free Counseling  
  • Country and University selection  
  • Documents assistance  
  • Provides a complete guide to study in Abroad  

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Frequently Asked Question:

Yes, college provides the best hostels to its students.  

 Yes, there is an admission test for getting admission into Ad-Din Sakina Medical College

Yes, Bangladesh is good for MBBS as it has colleges which are recognized by some of the  famous organizations like MCI, WHO, NMC

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