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East-West Medical College and Hospital

East-West Medical College & Hospital is a leading medical institute in Bangladesh. This institute  is located at Aichi Nagar, JBCS Saroni, Khairtak, Turag, Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is situated at the  bank of river Turag with natural flourishing surroundings and five kilometers away from Hazrat  Shah Jalal International airport. Study MBBS in Bangladesh‘s East-West Medical College & Hospital to provide an excellent broad-based education with  a focus on professional development for the students to equip them with knowledge, skills and  attitude necessary not only to address the priority health problems of the community but also to  acquire a firm basis for future training and studies. This institution is one of the organizations of  Aichi Medical group and it runs under the Alim foundation. 

East-West Medical College, at present, has one more super-specialty Hospital known as Aichi  Hospital. It is a tertiary care hospital with all specialties and super specialties under one roof with  the facilities of diagnostic, therapeutic, and intervention procedures. 

It provides: 

  • 24 hours Emergency Service 
  • Latest Computerized Technology for all types of pathological diagnosis. Ultramodern OT Complex for all operation types with C-arm machine for orthopedic OT,  Fracture Table, LED Dragon Light, Epoxy Wall, Galvanized floor, which is almost  infection resistant. 
  • Service for Digital X-Ray, 4D Color Doppler, Ultra sonogram, ETT & EEG Complete Health check-up at cheap cost. 
  • 24 hours Ambulance Service, Medicine Corner & separate lift for patients. The security system is monitored by CCTV all the time. 
  • Well-Decorated Multimedia Class Room for the students. 

MBBS Course at East-West Medical College: 

The East-West Medical College and Hospital offers 4.5-year MBBS degree programs of Bachelor of  Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) plus one year of internship. The course curriculum  conforms to the requirements of Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BM & DC), which is  the registering body for doctors in Bangladesh. The East-West Medical College and Hospital fee  structure are quite low and inexpensive as compared to India.

Affiliation and Recognition of East-West Medical College and Hospital

  • Approval: Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council (BMDC)  
  • Affiliation: Ministry of Health & Family Welfare  
  • Enlisted: University of Dhaka, Bangladesh 
  • Enlisted: South Asia Regional Organizational for Medical Council  
  • Member: International Medical Education Directory (IMED)  
  • Member: Bangladesh Private Medical College Association (BPMCA)  Member: World Health Organization (WHO)  
  • Member: Bangladesh College of Physicians & Surgeons (BCPS)  
  • Member: International Medical Education Directory.  

Why Study in East-West Medical College and Hospital

The MBBS degree granted by the college is accepted all across the globe. The MBBS course at  East-West Medical College in Bangladesh is of 5 years. The medium of instruction for all  international students at East-West Medical College is English. The term of the internship at East 

West Medical College in Bangladesh is one year. The scholastic year is divided into two terms. East-West Medical College and hospital is an established medical institute in Bangladesh that is  dedicated to educating medical students in modern medical science courses. In various specialties  including intensive treatments and practical knowledge of operation theatres. The East-West Medical College Bangladesh location is quite amazing. Flexibility in the East-West  Medical College Dhaka, MBBS in Bangladesh fee structure is of utmost importance. The indigenous people  of Bangladesh have a cordial relationship with Indian scholars. 

East-West Medical College is well recognized and accepted for its learned research venture and a  high degree of professional discipline. It provides extensive opportunities for the students to  grow and nurture in an adept background. The East-West Medical college ranking is quite high  amongst other medical colleges in Bangladesh

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Fee Structure of East-West Medical College and Hospital

Bangladesh MBBS Fees package has 2 parts. 1st is the Admission Fee payable before going to  Bangladesh. Then 1st Year to 5th Year Tuition Fees. 

Tuition Fee: US$ 50,000

In INR(approx.): Rs. 40,00,000/-($1=₹80)

1st Year: US$ 20,000

In INR(approx.): Rs 1,60,000/-($1=₹80)

study mbbs in East-West Medical College and Hospital, Bangladesh

Eligibility Criteria for admission in East-West Medical College and Hospital

To take East-West Medical College Admission in Bangladesh, a student must have qualified the  NEET exam. The students with a score of at least 55 % marks are qualified to study at East-West  Medical College. 

The subjects essential to pursue MBBS at East-West Medical College in Bangladesh are  Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. 

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Documents required for admission in East-West Medical College and Hospital

  • Health Certificate. 
  • Photocopy of a valid passport. 
  • Passport-sized photo. 
  • High school academic transcript. 
  • High school graduate certification. 
  • English proficiency test certification. 

Accommodation and food facilities in East-West Medical College and Hospital

The East West Medical College has separate hostels for international boys and girls. The hostels  provide all the necessary amenities and facilities to all the international students. The boy’s hostel, located inside the campus, is furnished and equipped with all the modern facilities, including  air-conditioning, 24-hour water supply, etc. 

The hostels are located on the campus of the college and are supplied and outfitted with all the  state-of-the-art facilities including the central heating system, air conditioning, 24 hours water  supply, etc. The college has a well-maintained security system with CCTV monitoring and 24  hours security guard protection for all its scholars. 

Features of Study MBBS in East-West Medical College and Hospital

Excellent campus life, chances to join different clubs, cultural activities, sports and organizations  to excel extracurricular activities. 

Library: Our enriched library has more than 2500 books, journals and articles on different  specializations and with wi-fi connection and access to many online international libraries and  journals for research purposes. 

Dormitory: Separate accommodation for male and female located within the campus area with  international standard food and security services.

Benefits of Study MBBS in Bangladesh:

  • The educational standard is highly high and equivalent to that of other industrialized  countries. 
  • In comparison to other nations throughout the world, the cost of the entire MBBS degree in Bangladesh is fairly reasonable. 
  • Graduates from Bangladesh’s medical colleges have the option to attend a variety of foreign  seminars and conferences. This contributes to their success as doctors. 
  • Top Medical Universities in Bangladesh provide world-class education with high-quality  standards and well-experienced faculty. 
  • The accommodations are extremely reasonably priced and have good quality standards and  services. 

Why MBBS in Bangladesh:

Bangladesh has some good medical colleges which are Government affiliated, privately run, and  also internationally recognized and funded. Bangladesh proves to be a healthy place for  educational prosperity in medicine. Medical colleges in Bangladesh not only teach medicine but  also award their students with a degree of Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS). 

The Doctor of Medicine (MD) or Master of Surgery (MS) is awarded as a postgraduate research  degree in selected medical colleges and universities, following the medical tradition of  Commonwealth countries. 

  • The University of Dhaka, established in 1921 is the oldest in Bangladesh that provides  medicinal education 
  • The University of Chittagong, established in 1966 is the largest university with a campus  of 2,100 acres. 
  • Low-cost MBBS study in Bangladesh 
  • Affordable NMC approved MBBS colleges are in Bangladesh with cheap package One of the safest places to study MBBS 
  • Well-equipped with instruments and latest technology 
  • The language of instruction is English and is understood by foreign students Food habits and tastes ate similar to India making it a preferred option 
study mbbs in East-West Medical College and Hospital, Bangladesh for indian students

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MBBS in Bangladesh for Indian Students:

Studying medicine is a good option for Indian students in Bangladesh. Affordable, warm, nature friendly, pleasant atmosphere, understanding people and welcoming by culture, language,  celebrations, good habits, and whatnot. Bangladesh, being India’s neighboring country, which  once was a part of the same, feels no different than home to Indian students.

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study mbbs in East-West Medical College and Hospital, Bangladesh , Dhaka

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Frequently Asked Question:

Bangladesh is safe for Indian students. The natives maintain a friendly relationship with the  novices.

The atmosphere is good. It offers a great infrastructure to the students for healthy physical and  mental health. 

Yes, East-West Medical College has a hostel facility for both boys and girls.

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