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MBBS in Georgia

Studying MBBS in Georgia at present is an ideal decision for every student to consider. It is full  of skilled resources, the best colleges for medicine, medical clinics, and remarkable food quality.  In Georgia, all the medical colleges provide a 5-year MBBS course along with an internship  opportunity which is mandatory for all the students to take-up for their own medical practice. 

The Ministry of Education and The Science of Georgia has offered accreditation to influential  organizations, schools, and colleges in Georgia. MBBS in Georgia is likewise renowned among  medical students for its minimal effort in medical education. Therefore, for Indian medical  competitors, MBBS in Georgia could be the right decision. 

At the convergence of Asia and Europe, is the nation known as Georgia. And the medical  universities in Georgia are represented by the National Medical Commission, World Health  Organization, Medical Council of India and other medical organizations. The medical schools in  Georgia offer the best foundation and worldwide norm of medical training. 

About Georgia

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Georgia is located by the eastern end of the Black Sea near the southern flanks of the Greater  Caucasus Mountains’ absolute peak. It is bounded on the north and upper east by Russia, east and  southeast by Azerbaijan, on the south by Armenia and Turkey, and west by the Black Sea. Georgia  incorporates three ethnic regions: Abkhazia, in the northwest (head city Sokhumi); Ajaria, in the  southwest; and South Ossetia, in the north (head city Tskhinvali). The capital of Georgia is Tbilisi  (Tiflis). 

The Georgian public’s foundations broaden somewhere down ever; their social legacy is similarly  old and rich. An amazing Georgian realm existed during the archaic period, arriving at its stature  between the tenth and thirteenth hundreds of years. After an extensive Turkish and Persian mastery  stretch, Georgia was attacked by the Russian Empire in the nineteenth century. A free Georgian  state existed from 1918 to 1921, when One joined it into the Soviet Union. In 1936 Georgia turned  into a constituent (association) republic and proceeded as such until the breakdown of the Soviet  Union. During the Soviet time frame, the Georgian economy was modernized and broadened.  Perhaps the most freedom disapproved of republics, Georgia declared power on November 19,  1989, and autonomy on April 9, 1991. 

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Why study MBBS in Georgia?

  • MBBS in Georgia is recognized by some famous organizations like MCI and WHO 
  • The medium of teaching is in English language 
  • The admission process is quite simple  
  • The faculty is well-experienced 
  • The Georgian medical universities have well-structured labs with latest technology  
  • The expense factor, the fee of studying MBBS in Georgia is very low and affordable 

Want to study mbbs in Georgia?

Quick information table


NMC and WHO approved


50% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology  Aggregate


Course Duration 

6 Years




Not Required

Medium of Teaching 


MBBS in Georgia for Indian students

MBBS In Egypt for indian student
  • Study MBBS in Georgia is the extraordinary decision of numerous Indian and worldwide  students who need to finish their medical training 
  • As the teaching goes in English language, it is better for Indian students to pursue their  MBBS in Georgian universities 
  • They offer a year of internship which is mandatory so that they can set up their own  practices 
  • Famous organizations like WHO and MCI approved MBBS colleges in Georgia 
  • Many international students and Indian students are coming to study in Georgia. 

Georgia MBBS college and university have accomplished and exceptionally experienced  staff and teachers.

Want to study mbbs in Georgia?

Advantage of Study MBBS in Georgia

  • Low affordable fee structure 
  • Universities and colleges are approved by MCI and WHO 
  • Quality education is provided to the students  
  • Teaching is in English which is a benefit to all the foreign students  
  • The cost of living is low
  • It provides best clinical facilities to all the students 
  • Provides best hostel and accommodation facilities to its students 
  • Transport system is also appreciable in Georgia 
  • Medical training can be considered one of the best facilities in Georgia 
  • Ragging is not allowed 
  • Georgia is safe country to pursue higher education 

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Fees structure of universities in Georgia

University Name 

Hostel and Food fee  (in USD)

Tuition fee per year  (in USD)

Akaki Tsereteli State University 



Batumi Shota Rustaveli State  University



BAU International University 



David Agmashenebeli University 



David Tvildiani Medical University 



East European University 



European University 



Georgian American University 



Georgian National University 



University of Georgia 



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MBBS in Georgia syllabus



First Year 

Human Anatomy, General Psychology, Elective Courses,  Bioorganic Chemistry, Internal Medicine, Cytology

Second Year 

Histology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Anatomy, Physiology,  Patient Care, and psychology

Third Year 

ENT, Embryology, Radiology, Forensic Medicine, Medical  Chemistry

Fourth Year 

Pharmacology, Surgery, Allied Subjects, Community Medicine

Fifth Year 

Clinical Phase, Gynecology, Infectious Disease, Obstetrics &  Ophthalmology, etc.

Sixth Year 

This is an internship-based year under the guidance of a Senior  Doctor in Private or Government Hospitals.

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Eligibility for MBBS in Georgia

  • 60% marks in Physics, Chemistry, Biology in their 10+2 standard 
  • NEET exam is must
  • Students should be able to speak English language 
  • Students should pass out 10 + 2 with a regular board. 

Admission process for MBBS in Georgia

  • Apply for the college that is available in the college website 
  • Send the scanned documents to the applied college 
  • If all the eligibility criteria are met, then the college sends an offer letter within 48 hours  (about 2 days) of applying 
  • Pay the fee for registration 
  • Apply for Visa and start your visa process 

When u receive your Visa, we can start our preparations to fly to Georgia and achieve our  future

Documents required for Admission process for MBBS in Georgia

  • Passport 
  • Photographs 
  • Education certificates 
  • Offer letter 
  • Birth certificate 
  • Migration certificate 
  • Medical certificate 
  • Transfer certificate 

Top ranked medical colleges in Georgia

University Name 

Year of Establishment

Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University 


New Vision University 


Akaki Tsereteli State University 


European University 


LLC Caucasus International University 


Tbilisi State Medical University 


East European University 


David Tvildiani Medical University 


Duration of MBBS in Medical colleges Georgia

It is a 5 year ‘MBBS Program’ journey along with one year internship for gaining practical  knowledge which takes place in this hospital. After the completion of the whole 5 years journey  successfully students get Doctorate Degrees. As a reputed college in Georgia; degree from this  college opens international opportunities to its students. 

Scholarship to study for MBBS in Georgia 2023-24

The best part about MBBS in Georgia is there is no requirement for the student to compress their  family for the educational expenses and hostel charges. The University has orchestrated a  scholarship program for every one of the exemplary students. 

Additionally, the students who have 55% marks in their twelfth norm from PCB are qualified. The  scholarship is prepared based on merit, as it were. The higher the marks you are getting, the higher  the scholarship you will get. 

Cost of Study MBBS in Georgia

The cost of studying MBBS in Georgia is highly reasonable. Most medical universities in Georgia  are approximately between 15-20 lakh for the whole course. 

MBBS in Georgia VS MBBS in India


MBBS In Georgia 

MBBS In India

Entrance Test

No specific screening, valid NEET  Exam score required by MCI  mandated

Need good score in 12th class and  need to qualify NEET with good  percentage and cutoff

Fees Structure

The fees in Georgia Universities  are about ₹3 lakh to ₹4 lakh per  year and approximately ₹15 lakh to  ₹25 lakh for complete MBBS  degree

MBBS In India Fees Government college: INR 11,000 to  INR 7.5 lakhs (complete course) Private college: INR 20lakhs to  INR 80 lakhs (complete course)

Course Duration 

The course duration of MBBS In  Georgia is of 6 Years

MBBS In India course duration is  of 5.5 years (4.5 years academics +  1-year Internship)


In Georgia, the MD equivalent  degree for MBBS in India is  awarded to medical graduates  studying at Georgian universities

In India, the MBBS degree is  awarded to medical graduates who  have successfully completed the  MBBS course)


Students get international  exposure, and you get more growth  opportunities.

Students have no international  exposure and limited opportunities  for growth.

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MBBS in Georgia FAQ

It would take 5 years to complete an MBBS course in Georgia. 

One year internship is compulsory to pursue MBBS 

Want to study mbbs in Georgia?