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5 Years



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MBBS in Romania

Romania is one of the top countries in the World, which has the best Medical Universities. It is a fantastic  place for higher education. Especially when it comes to MBBS, Romania has a huge number of  universities which are recognized and affiliated by some of the famous organizations like NMC,  WHO, FAIMER etc. Even after completing the study, there are several work options for students  to work. The universities are well-equipped with the best facilities and best technology in labs.  Studying in Romania will be a plus point for students who are willing to move forward in their  medical career. There are about 6000 international students who are pursuing their MBBS in  Romanian Universities. 

About Romania

Romania is a beautiful country which is famous for its traditions, architecture, gothic culture and  landscapes. It is situated in the southeast of Europe enclosed by the Carpathian Mountains. It is  the capital of Bucharest and is one of the oldest European countries. It is scenically striking which  makes it a tourist place as the government has preserved many medieval towns, villages, forts, and  castles. The official language of Romania is Romanian which is spoken by 89% of the population.  Other languages that are quite familiar amongst Romanians are Hungarian and German. Some of  the world’s greatest inventions by Romanians are the fountain pens, the modern cars, and insulin.  Faith that influences the majority of this country is Christianity which comprises Romanian  orthodox Christians, Protestant Christians, and Roman Catholics. The time zone of Romania has  a difference of 2 hours 30 minutes ahead of India’s time zone. Romania doesn’t have extreme  climatic conditions. The Winter season starts from December and continues till February whereas  summer season starts from June till August. The currency of Romania is Romanian leu. 

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Why study MBBS in Romania?

  • Students at Romanian universities has a promising future 
  • NMC screening tests are also conducted twice a year 
  • Fee is low and affordable  
  • The students based on their merits will also get jobs in hospitals 
  • It is hassle free and less time consuming 
  • Cost of hostels is also cheaper when compared to other countries 
  • The university in Romania has worldwide connections 
  • They also teach Romanian language along with the medical studies 
  • Separate rooms for girls and boys are also available for students at residential facilities

Affiliation and Recognition

  • The Medical Board of California 
  • NMC 
  • WHO 
  • WFME  
  • CGFMC International Global Credibility 
  • German Medical Association 
  • British Medical Association

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Quick information table

Basic Eligibility 

70% in PCB

Medium of Teaching 


NEET Exam 

Yes, it is compulsory



Minimum Course Fee 


Maximum Course Fee 


Universities Recognition 

NMC & WHO Approved

Living Cost 

3000 to €4000 per Month

Course Duration 

6 (including 1 year internship)

MBBS in Romania for Indian students

MBBS In Egypt for indian student
  • Indian students would get international exposure  
  • They will be getting best internship opportunities from worldwide colleges 
  • Fee is also affordable when compared to India 
  • It provides practical experience to students  
  • There are no safety concerns. Romania is safe. 

Want to study mbbs in Romania?

Advantage of MBBS from Romania

  • The degree of MBBS is recognized by famous organizations like WHO and UNESCO and  FAIMER 
  • As it is NMC recognized, Indian students can get in through the NMC tests  
  • The fee is affordable and is low 
  • It gives international exposure to the students 
  • The faculty comes from all over the world and is the best faculty 
  • The MBBS degree from Romania is globally renowned and is of great worth 
  • Apart from the academics, the university in Romania also provides sports facilities 
  • They are well equipped, well-mannered, and well-maintained in every aspect  
  • They also provide internship opportunities to students at top colleges and hospitals  worldwide. 

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Fees structure of universities in Romania

University Name

Total tuition fee (in EURO)

Grigore T. Popa University of Medicine and  Pharmacy


Victor Babes University of Medicine and  Pharmacy


Iuliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and  Pharmacy


University of Medicine and Pharmacy of  Craiova


University of Oradea 


Ovidius University 


Cost of study for MBBS in Romania

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It costs about 2 lakh/year to pursue MBBS in Romania. The medical examination cost will be  250 Euros. Expenses for hostels would be around 1000 Euros. Food prices are between 200 and 300  Euros. 

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MBBS in Romania syllabus

First Year

Anatomy and Embryology, Biochemistry, Biology, Biophysics, Medical  Informatics and Biostatistics, Physiology, History of Medicine, Medical  Sociology & Medical Psychology, Romanian Language, Physical  Education, Abilities in Medical Maneuvers, Summer Practice, Basic  Medical Skills, Electives

Second Year

Anatomy and Embryology, Physiology, Histology, Medical Genetics,  Immunology, Microbiology, Medical Deontology and Bioethics, Physical  Education, Abilities in Medical Maneuvers, Summer Practice, Basic  Medical Skills, Electives

Third year

Pharmacology, Morpho pathology, Physiopathology, Medical  Semiology, Surgical Semiology Medical Research Methodology and  Medical Biostatics, Primary Health Care, Summer Practice, Basic  Medical Skills, Electives

Fourth Year

Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Orthopedics and Traumatology,  Urology Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Oncology and Hematology,  Anesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine and Emergency Medicine,  Hygiene, Clinical Biochemistry, Summer Practice, Basic Medical Skills,  Electives

Fifth Year

Internal Medicine, Pneumatology, Endocrinology, Ophthalmology,  Pediatrics, Neonatal Care, Labor Medicine and Occupational Diseases  Otolaryngology, Neurology, Pediatric Surgery and Orthopedics, Summer  Practice, Basic Medical Skills, Electives

Sixth year

Forensic Medicine, Family Medicine and Genetics, Rheumatology – Baleno – Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Public Health and Sanitary  Management, Epidemiology, Cranial and Maxillofacial Surgery, Graduation Thesis

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Eligibility for MBBS in Romania

  • Age must be minimum 17 years 
  • Age must be below 25 years 
  • In 10+2 students need to take PCB as their main subjects 
  • In 10+2 the minimum score required is 70% 
  • Along with PCB we should also take English as subject for admission in Romania 

Admission process for MBBS in Romania

  • Apply for the college that is available in the college website 
  • Send the scanned documents to the applied college 
  • If all the eligibility criteria are met, then the college sends an offer letter within 48 hours  (about 2 days) of applying 
  • Pay the fee for registration 
  • Apply for Visa and start your visa process 

When u receive your Visa, we can start our preparations to fly to Romania and achieve our  future

Documents required for Admission process for MBBS in Romania

  • Birth certificate 
  • Visa 
  • Passport 
  • Passport size photographs 
  • Offer letter 
  • NEET score card 
  • Medical reports 
  • 10 and 12th marks sheets 
  • Migration certificate 
  • Transfer certificate

Top ranked medical colleges in Romania

  • Bucharest Medical University 
  • Cluj Medical University 
  • Constanta-Ovidius Medical University of Constanta 
  • Craiova Medical University 
  • Ovidius University 
  • Iuliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy 

University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova

Duration of MBBS in Medical colleges Romania

It is a 5 year ‘MBBS Program’ journey along with one year internship for gaining practical  knowledge which takes place in this hospital. After the completion of the whole 5 years journey  successfully students get Doctorate Degrees. As a reputed college in Romania; degree from this  college opens international opportunities to its students. 

Scholarship to study for MBBS in Romania2023-24

Even Romanian universities provide scholarships to overseas students. Scholarships will be made  available to candidates through bilateral cooperation agreements. This benefit will be granted to  candidates depending on their performance during their Medicine Studies in Romania. Students  pursuing an MBBS degree will get a monthly scholarship of $50 USD. Furthermore, the cost of  school is waived for those who are awarded a scholarship.

MBBS in India vs MBBS in Romania


MBBS In India 

MBBS In Romania






60% PCB for General 40% for SC/  ST and Reserve Categories 

70% in PCB


Yes, With Qualifying Marks 



Not Required 


Lowest Fees 

4,00,000 INR Per Year (Pvt.  Colleges) 

3,90,000 INR

Living Cost 

7500 INR Per Month 

250 Euro Per Month


5 Years 

6 years (5 +1)


English, Hindi and Regional 


Top Universities 

All Government University

Bucharest medical university,  Victor Babes University of  Medicine & Pharmacy


NMC and WHO approved 

NMC, WHO & The Ministry of  Education, Romania

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MBBS in Romania FAQ

The NMC Screening test is conducted 2 times a year for students who have completed MBBS in  Romania. 

The NMC screening exam is to analyze and evaluate the skills, communication skills and talents of  the medical student.

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