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22 Lakhs*

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5 Years



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MBBS in UAE would be an excellent option as a country in Western Asia at the northeastern end  of the Arabian Peninsula on the Persian Gulf, the United Arab Emirates has all the facilities for  studying MBBS in UAE, UAE is surrounded by Oman to the east and by Saudi Arabia to the south  and west which will give a safe environment to the students are coming foe MBBS in UAE.  Students who are going UAE for MBBS would be attracted by what It shares its maritime borders  with Qatar in the west and with Iran in the north which would blow up the mind of MBBS  candidates in UAE 

UAE currently has the sixth-largest economy in the world which makes it the best option for  pursuing MBBS. It is a member of various world organizations including the United Nations and  so the best schools are there from UAE to study MBBS, MBBS from UAE is recognized by the  World Trade Organization, the Organization of the Islamic Conference, and the OPEC.  

The country stands on the fourteenth position in the purchasing power capita which makes the  place full of knowledge for those who want to pursue MBBS in UAE and has a high Human  Development Index for the Asian continent which makes it economically strong for MBBS in  UAE. It is also categorized as the high-income developing economy by the IMF which would be  the reason to attract MBBS students to UAE. As per the International Schools Consultancy, UAE  has 507 international schools including MBBS. Education is a national priority of the country as  per the Ministry of Education and so many international students come to pursue MBBS in UAE.  Most of the UAE has sunny weather which attracts MBBS students to pursue their career

About UAE

The United Arab Emirates, or simply the Emirates, is a country in Western Asia. It is located at  the eastern end of the Arabian Peninsula. It shares borders with Oman and Saudi Arabia while  having maritime borders in the Persian Gulf with Qatar and Iran. The country UAE has a high  literacy rate of around 93%. As a federation, UES was founded in 1971. The UAE’s two biggest  and most famous cities, Abu Dhabi & and Dubai, attract millions of tourists annually. Dubai is the  home to the tallest building in the world- Burj Khalifa and a city of skyscrapers. Another reason  students diverge towards MBBS Courses in UAE is the country’s high literacy rate. 

Affiliation and Recognition of Study MBBS in UAE

  • NMC (National Medical Commission) 
  • WHO (World Health Organization) 
  • Ministry of Education, UAE. 
  • Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) 
  • World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) 
  • FAIMER (The Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and  Research). 
MBBS In Egypt

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Why study MBBS in UAE?

  • It provides world class opportunities to students 
  • The laboratories are well-equipped with the latest technology 
  • The faculty are well experienced and well trained for teaching students 
  • The students get a practical experience of studying 
  • They provide a very comfortable hostels to its students 
  • Girls are well taken care of. 
  • The fee is affordable when compared to other foreign universities 
  • The climatic conditions are also better 

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Quick information table

Course offered


Course Duration

5-6 years(depends on university)


50-70% in PCB in 10+2

Medium of Teaching




Entrance exam


MBBS in UAE for Indian students

MBBS In Egypt for indian student

MBBS in the United Arab Emirates is the best option for Indian Students. 

  • Indian students would get international exposure  
  • They will be getting best internship opportunities from worldwide colleges 
  • Fee is also affordable when compared to India 
  • They can also get Indian food from the restaurants that are present in UAE 
  • Especially when it comes to girls, they are well protected and provided several  opportunities to study 

MBBS in UAE will give an opportunity to an Indian student to come out as a person they  want to be.

Want to study mbbs in UAE?

Advantage of MBBS from UAE

  • The degree of MBBS is recognized by famous organizations like WHO and UNESCO and  FAIMER 
  • As it is NMC recognized, Indian students can get in through the NMC tests  
  • The fee is affordable and is low 
  • It gives international exposure to the students 
  • The faculty comes from all over the world and is the best faculty 
  • The MBBS degree from UAE is globally renowned and is of great worth 
  • Apart from the academics, the university in UAE also provides sports facilities 
  • They are well equipped, well-mannered, and well-maintained in every aspect  

They also provide internship opportunities to students at top colleges and hospitals  worldwide.

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Fees structure of universities in UAE


Tuition Fee

Gulf Medical University 

27.89 – 31.87 lakhs


University of Sharjah 

19.92 – 23.90 lakhs

Ajman University 

19.92 – 27.89 lakhs

Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine  and Health Sciences 

31.87 – 35.85 lakhs

RAK Medical & Health Sciences University 

19.92 – 23.90 lakhs

Cost of study for MBBS in Romania

mbbs in Egypt University

The cost to study MBBS in UAE is about 20 lakhs (Indian currency). 

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MBBS in UAE syllabus



MBBS In India

Entrance Test

No specific screening, valid NEET  Exam score required by MCI  mandated

Need good score in 12th class and  need to qualify NEET with good  percentage and cutoff

Fees Structure

The fees in UAE Universities are  about 20 lakhs per year for  complete MBBS degree

MBBS In India Fees Government college: INR 11,000 to  INR 7.5 lakhs (complete course) Private college: INR 20lakhs to  INR 80 lakhs (complete course)

Course Duration 

The course duration of MBBS In  UAE is of 6 Years

MBBS In India course duration is of  5.5 years (4.5 years academics + 1- year Internship)


In UAE, the MD equivalent degree  for MBBS in India is awarded to  medical graduates studying at UAE  universities

In India, the MBBS degree is  awarded to medical graduates who  have successfully completed the  MBBS course)


Students get international exposure,  and you get more growth  opportunities.

Students have no international  exposure and limited opportunities  for growth.

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Eligibility for MBBS in UAE

  • NEET exam is necessary to get into medical universities of UAE 
  • The applicant must get 50% marks in 10+12 standards 
  • The main subjects must be Physics, Chemistry, Biology 
  • The age of the applicant must be at least 17  

No upper age limits

Admission process for MBBS in UAE

  • Apply for the college that is available in the college website 
  • Send the scanned documents to the applied college 
  • If all the eligibility criteria are met, then the college sends an offer letter within 48 hours  (about 2 days) of applying 
  • Pay the fee for registration 
  • Apply for Visa and start your visa process 
  • When u receive your Visa, we can start our preparations to fly to UAE and achieve our  future

Documents required for Admission process for MBBS in UAE

  • Passport 
  • Offer letter from the applied college 
  • Bank receipt of Tuition fee 
  • HIV test report 
  • Birth certificate 
  • Photographs 
  • 10 and 12th certificates 
  • Legalization of all documents from UAE Embassy 

Top ranked medical colleges in UAE

  • UNIVERSITY OF SHARJAH (physiotherapy) 

Duration of MBBS in Medical colleges UAE

It is a 5 year ‘MBBS Program’ journey along with one year internship for gaining practical  knowledge which takes place in this hospital. After the completion of the whole 5 years journey  successfully students get Doctorate Degrees. As a reputed college in UAE; degree from this college  opens international opportunities to its students. 

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Globis Vidya provides opportunities to worldwide students to study abroad and make their career  bright and successful with overseas education. The mission of Globis Vidya is to make sure that  every student is provided with a better-quality education within affordability and reach beyond the  boundaries.  

  • Free Counseling  
  • Country and University selection  
  • Documents assistance  
  • Provides a complete guide to study in Abroad
MBBS In Egypt university, Egypt mosque

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Admission starts from November for every academic year. 

Everyone must complete the IELTS/TOEFL/SAT exam irrespective of their nationality. Only  native speakers are exempted.

If you have followed the American curriculum, then you are definitely required to take the SAT  examination.

Want to study mbbs in UAE?